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Our local, regional and national search engine optimization strategies bring measurable success to our clients. Through naturally optimized websites (SEO) and targeted pay-per-click campaigns (SEM), we will help increase traffic to your site.
Top Search Engines : Google, Yahoo, bing, Ask, Aol
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Please give us the opportunity to share real life examples of our websites coming up on the first page of Google. Now, imagine how many potential customers you're missing out on by not having a website perform well in search engines. The sooner you call the better.

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic search engine optimization, or natural SEO, refers to the placement of a website link at or near the top of the major search engines. The results are generated completely by a computer algorithm comprised of thousands of ever-changing criteria (kept under lock and key by the major search engines). In contrast to pay-per-click campaigns—which can cost over $2.00 per click—a naturally optimized, high-ranking website can literally mean hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of free clicks every single day. Over the course of one year, a site receiving 100 clicks per day would have incurred over $35,000 in AdWord charges at $1 per click. Our prices are literally a fraction of the cost compared to pay-per-click marketing, but the results are just as extraordinary.

Our best websites are built from the ground up with optimization in mind. We evaluate your individual scenario, plan a strategy, implement the strategy and then constantly re-evaluate and enhance your site to perform even better. The difference between having a trickle of web traffic vs. a flood can mean the difference between riding the waves or sinking to the bottom. Contact us to learn more about our organic search engine optimization services, or view examples of our seo work.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Search engine marketing can be essential to a company's online success. In some situations, achieving a top-ranking web page (or site) using organic SEO techniques is either impossible, too far-fetched, or would simply take too long. Thankfully, pay-per-click search engine marketing levels the playing field and allows anyone, no matter their website's natural ranking, to place at or near the top of major search engines ... as long as you're willing to pay for it!

The essence of pay-per-click advertising is defining search criteria you want to be found with and then paying for it every time someone clicks on your sponsored link. These small links, called impressions, appear in designated sections of the search engines (or even on other websites) and don't cost a thing until someone clicks on them. A click can cost anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars, depending on the demand for the search terms you're targeting. Companies will establish a preset budget and then run their ad campaign until the budget runs out, all the while generating new, targeted traffic to their site. Pay-per-click advertising can be activated or deactivated whenever you need it, and with a more advanced setup you can even track the percentage of people who clicked on your link and then placed an order (typically called the conversion rate). Powerful stuff, indeed.

Namey Design Studios can work with you to define your search criteria and select effective search phrases, or we can go all the way and manage your account(s). Contact us to learn more about targeted search engine marketing and organic search engine placement.

Knoxville TN Website Design 404-556-9072Namey Design Studios is a strategic web design, marketing and digital communications company based out of Knoxville, TN. Since 1998, we have continually provided a wide ranging client base with some of the best creative media in the marketplace. From custom, cutting edge websites and new media productions to traditional print, logo design and branding, our in-house capabilities allow us to offer complete digital marketing packages that drive our clients’ businesses—online, in print and over the air. We are an award winning boutique marketing company with a reputation for quality, creativity and value.
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